17th century family coat of arms – reconstruction

Dear visitors, I happily share with You another heraldic-calligraphic pearl – this time it is a display of the historical coat of arms of the Mihaljević family.

I was given a template from the book on coats of arms, to make a new version based on it, as I did, in my own way ... and that is - that all elements of the coat of arms I draw, correspond to the time and place, in which the coat of arms was granted. The knight on the template looks more like a French musketeer to me, than the Croatian warrior from that time.
After careful research, the details of which I will not go into here, I gathered all the exact information about the coat of arms, and the equipment of Croatian knights from that time, and used it in making a restored version of this beautiful coat of arms. As usual, my Client could choose between several offered sketches, after which I could begin my work 🙂
I really enjoy these stages of creation, when the final shape is just begininng to emerge :-)!
It looks big on the screen, but in reality, the character of this Croatian borderland knight is quite small, so I couldn't draw ALL the details of his rich historical equipment, but I included as many elements as I could.like the Croatian saber he holds in his hand.
Finished and beautiful, coat of arms of the Mihaljević family 🙂

As for the calligraphic part – the name of the family is written in Roman rustic script, while the corresponding text on the back is in Gothic script textura quadrata.

This golden color shines so beautifully ...
... that I don’t know myself, from which view, and in which else combination I can capture it ... 🙂
I am greatly honored and happy to inform You, that the Family is very pleased with the coat of arms :-). I would like to thank Them once again for allowing me to share with You the coat of arms with all the details.

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