17th century family coat of arms – reconstruction

Dear visitors, I happily share with You another heraldic-calligraphic pearl – this time it is a display of the historical coat of arms of the Mihaljević family.

This is a template from the Armorial called Modruški zbornik, according to which I had to create a new version of the Coat of arms. That’s what I did, in my own way ~ first I checked the Coat of arms with my mentor, regardless of whether it comes from an already published collection 🤓!

By the way, my mentor Hrvoje pl. Knezović, is a walking and talking treasury of knowledge about Heraldry. This is a man who has been teaching me for years and without Whom I would not have dared to claim that ”I had made a coat of arms according to Heraldic rules”, without first consulting Him.

The depiction of the knight on this coat of arms looks more like a French musketeer than a 17th-century Croatian Border guard (Krajišnik), but more on that later.

As I always check historical sources with my mentor, after looking in the old Austro-Hungarian coat of arms Armorial, we found  that there are two coats of arms ~
~ the coat of arms from 1643 belongs to one, and the one from the year 1848, to the other branch of the family.

If you look at them more carefully, the later version of the coat of arms from the Modruški Zbornik (above in color) looks as if these two coats of arms have been merged into one 🧐.
We asked the Client to find out to which of these two branches His Family belongs to. According to the information, the first, earlier coat of arms was chosen for our project. Now begins the most exciting part for me ~ the physical creation of the coat of arms itself!
As always, I made several sketches, and gave them to the Client for review and selection

in my version, I adapt the elements of the coat of arms so that they correspond to the time period, but also to the area where the coat of arms was obtained, in the form of a shield, a helmet, a shield and Croatian knight’s  equipment…

My Client chose this variant, and I start my painting. And a detailed study of the equipment of the 17th century Croatian Krajišnik 🤓.
It looks big on the screen, but in reality, the character of this Krajišnik is quite small, so I couldn't draw ALL the details of his rich historical equipment, but I included as many elements as I could~like the Croatian saber he holds in his hand.
I really enjoy these stages of creation, when the final shape is just begininng to emerge 🤓
Finished and beautiful, Coat of arms of the Mihaljević Family 😍

As for the calligraphy part – the name of the Family is written in Roman Rustic Capitals script, while the explanation text on the back is in Gothic script Textura Quadrata.

This golden color shines so beautifully ...
... that I don’t know myself, from which view, and in which else combination I can capture it ... 🙂
I am greatly honored and happy to inform You, that the Family is very pleased with the coat of arms 🥰. I would like to thank Them once again for allowing me to share with You the coat of arms with all the details.

 If You have already granted Your family Coat of Arms, that You want to restore, check, reconstruct, or You want a new Coat of Arms design be made for Your Family, contact me with confidence, so that we can make such a one-of-a-kind heirloom Family treasure for You 🤗.