40th marriage anniversary gift for parents – part one

A gift for the 40th wedding anniversary, especially for my dearest people in the world – my parents, MUST be something special! I’ve been thinking for a long time what to give them, because as you know, it’s not an easy thing!
I decided to make a picture of a family tree, with some suitable text. There was another problem – which tree to paint – because, just like flowers, trees also have their symbolism.

After studying the symbolism of the trees, I decided on the beautiful Rowan tree, which symbolizes Courage, Wisdom, Happy Home, Inspiration and even more, protects from evil spirits - it can't get much better than that!
For the text, I chose a combination of math and poetry! Which says, that they have been together for 40 years, which would be: 480 months of hugs, 2087 weeks of Joy, 14610 days of Patience, 350600 hours of Love and countless beautiful memories. A bonus to that are their 2 twin daughters with their husbands, who gave them 3 beautiful grandchildren. Which all together makes one blessed family full of Love!!
I love this part of illuminating the text with gold and silver ink, the most! Here, the letters literally come to life before my eyes!
And done - everything is written, painted and illuminated with silver and gold! For the residents of this beautiful tree, I chose the bird pigeon, which is a symbol of Love, Peace, Care, Intelligence, Faithfulness and Loyalty 😉
Detail from personal life - my parents have two twin daughters - Iva and her family - husband Saša, and children Aleksandar and Laura.
And the other one is me, Darja, with my husband Miha and son Leon 😉
Proud daughters of our wonderful adored parents, Josipa and Damir!
I placed this piece in a beautiful frame with hand-painted details, which wonderfully accentuates the image in it!