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About ten years ago, I joined the reenactment association – the Order of the Guardians of Zagreb, where I discovered calligraphy and heraldry. I fell in love with historical letters, as well as the coats of arms, and all about them. I have been leading calligraphy workshops in the Order for several years.

The Middle ages is such a fascinating topic, and that’s where my idea started – to make this wonderful traditional skill my source of income. To achieve that, I decided to leave my formal profession of geodesy engineer, and I opened the craft Kalidariart, where I make unique calligraphy gifts – kalidaris, and teach the medieval calligraphy.

At live events, I appear in a medieval dress, with the accompanying equipment, in order to bring the story of these beautiful, and unfortunately almost forgotten, historical letters even closer to those interested ….

I do not copy the Middle Ages, but rather, I want to give the historical letters a modern outfit, which will fit into any modern interior. Whether making calligraphy or coats of arms, I adhere to the valid rules for the period in question, which have been valid since the Middle Ages.

All my products are rich with symbolic meaning – from colors, to selected flowers, and symbols, which I choose according to the occasion, personal wishes and their symbolism.

In my works, one historical script or their combination, appears on each inscription, selected according to customer’s wishes or my artistic taste.

In addition, as I wish is to teach anyone who receives a gift like this, about what is on it, that information is written on the back of each gift. This adds another value to the gift – educational one, which makes each kalidar even more special.

If You are a person who understands and appreciates the value of handicrafts, who likes not only to give, but also to give something that You will be remembered by, then You will surely find something for Yourself or someone dear to You among my offer. In my opinion, little can surpass the value of a unique, handmade and personalized gift :-).

Browse through my galleries, take a look at my offer, get inspired and let us create something just for You!

Unique calligraphy gifts

Choose from a gallery of numerous gifts for all occasions, when you want to give something that will be remembered, in my Shop / Unique gifts
A special gift to my valued customers is of an educational nature – information about what the inscription contains, and a personalized message, which I both write on the back.

Also, I gift my clients from Croatia with free postage :-)!

Medieval themes coats of arms, canvases, weapons....

I love medieval themes! In the gallery of my store, in the Special Design section, take a look at some of the ones I’ve tried so far – you’ll find coats of arms, made according to the valid heraldic rules.

Medieval Canvases
Painted knight's shields and much more...

Hire a calligrapher

I am especially thrilled when I have the opportunity and honor to pass on my knowledge to interested individuals of all ages. Take a look and choose the duration and scope of calligraphy lessons, among my offer of calligraphy.

Writing thank-you notes at a wedding, calligraphy workshops on a child’s birthday or teambuilding, participating in a medieval fair, are some of the events for which it is possible to hire a calligrapher.

I will be very honored if you hire me, and do your best to magnify your special day with my skills :-)!

Do you like something medieval? Personalized?
Do you want to learn to write like in the Middle Ages?

Contact me and we’ll agree about all the details.