Hire a calligrapher

In addition to this website, it is possible to organize socializing with me live, in several ways:


One of my favorite products, that I invented myself is something called a ‘tournier’ – because it was created for a knight’s tournament – it is a drawing, with the date and details of the event, multiplyied in a number of copies. At the event, I write the names of the guests on the papers. I can say that people are thrilled with the idea. They have the opportunity to see the calligraphy live, and also, they get a beautiful, unique gift for the memory. I find it an interesting addition to weddings :-). I offer you to hire me and add another special detail on Your most important day.


If You are organizing a birthday party for Your co-workers or a birthday party for Your child, why not the theme be the Middle Ages? As part of the activities, it is possible to organize an interactive calligraphy workshop, adapted to the age, content and topic, in the desired duration. Let’s agree all the details together 🙂 My calligraphy workshops, as well as my tournaments, are an interesting addition to the content of any event – I offer you to hire me and add another special detail to Your important events. Let us agree about details according to Your wishes – I offer printing the names of guests, invitations, thank you notes, organization of workshops and the like. For various events, such as birthdays, teambuilding, knight tournaments …. :-).

Calligraphy Workshops

For now, I only offer live workshops, and plan to offer online workshops in the near future, where You can learn to master this wonderful skill of calligraphy.

See workshop options in the Workshops section. Let us agree on all details 🙂


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