Calligraphy and motorcycles

NOTICE: While reading, play the song “Hell’s bells”, by the band AC/DC 🙂

I don’t know how much you know me, but I adore bikes! Antique, chromed choppers.
I’ve only ridden such a motorcycle twice in my life, but I feel best in motorcycle boots and wear them most of the time 🙂
So, I was t-h-r-i-l-l-e-d with this order !!!

My client wanted an artwork, which would have two motorcycless, a child and a chorus of the song "Hell's Bells" by AC / DC. These were the templates I was given - I still had to place them, so the image on the engine is seen!
As I haven't drawn a motorcycle since elementary school, I searched the Internet for a picture of two engines 'hugging' to use as a template, but - I didn't find anything. Not a single picture !! So - what else - I had to come up with my own 🙂
As the image emerged before my eyes, I wondered, how should I place the text, so that somehow it would not just be in a straight line, especially since the whole time while drawing, I had the bell from this legendary AC/DC's song, tolling in my mind.. That's why I set them up to look as if they are some air currents...
Personal note on the back :-). She chose Him, and I - chose the magical Fraktur script (16th-17th century), and wrote them in red, green and dark violet ink.
Of course, this work is also richly decorated with gold Winsor & Newton ink, which is slowly becoming my trademark 😉
This is how it turned out - I am very satisfied, and my client was SCREAMING from Joy almost like Brian Johnson when She saw it 🙂 As I am the Giftgiver ;-), I screamed with Her, as the happiness of my customers is my greatest reward!!!