Calligraphy dedication

In my offer, there are various calligraphic services – for Your needs, I also make calligraphic dedications.
I write all sorts of texts in calligraphy, wherever You need it – in greeting cards, in invititons, on certificates, in books.

example of dedication on a bookmark
script: Uncial (2nd-9th century)

The principle is the same as with my other works – we agree on the text, I help You choose the letters.
Then, with a lot – believe me, a lot of attention (I don’t even breathe :-)), I write the agreed text.

example of dedication an a greeting card
script: Insular Majuscule (8th-12th century)

Here are in one place, examples of some of the dedications I have made so far. To give You an impression how it looks like.

example of dedication an a greeting card
script: Copperplate (17th-20th century)

All the text is written with calligraphy pen and inks and pen, in an agreed historical script, which You can choose in the Gallery of Scripts
(at the bottom of the Workshops Page).

example of dedication on the back of the sign
script: Fraktur (15th-16th century)

The color of the ink is mainly black. I also use a red / blue ink for initial letters and important words for the period scripts.
In the end, I decorate all the text with gold / silver ink
(unless You want something else).

example of dedication in the Book of Presidents, A3 format
script: Copperplate (17th-20th century)

example of dedication on the certificate:
calligraphy written name and surname in pink ink
script: Insular Majuscule (8th-12th century)

I also offer to design the certificate that You need 😉

The final price depends on the size of the paper and the complexity of the text, and if there are more details than in the examples in the galleries, it may differ – it’s best to agree on everything first 🙂

example of dedication in the B5 sized book.
Two sentences, two scripts, in a giftbox.
script 1: Roman Rustic (1st-5th century), script 2: Copperplate (17th-20th century)

They say that books are going out of fashion (as well as handwriting)
They say that fewer and fewer people are reading books (or writing by hand).
I like to believe that this is not true and that people still like to get books and read them.
And that they enjoy in handwritten letterforms in them.

Let these special gifts and books for Your special people (or maybe just for You) be even more special, enriched with memorable, personalized, calligraphic messages :-).

Thank You for Your attention and reading 🙂
If You need calligraphic dedication of any sort,
You know where to find me 😉