Calligraphy live at Journal Party in Rovinj

My idea is to give a new dimension to historical letters, save them from oblivion, and design them so to fit into modern spaces and our modern era.

A similar idea inspired the organizers and designers, responsible for designing and arranging the exclusive and luxurious Journal Party in Rovinj.

   The magical atmosphere of this event, reminded of a fairy tale in which selected elements of modern design, enticing gastronomic delicacies, and an abundance of delightful innovative details are combined together, all in a unique locality, at the foot of the church of St. Euphemia, surrounded with breathtaking Nature.

Dream workplace  –
I could totally work here every day :-)!

With my calligraphy, I helped the guests to create a unique personalized gift for Themselves :-).

I felt like a pen in ink, and how could I not – just see these photos :-).

I will treasure this event in a special place of my collection of valuable memories.

Thank You all that made this beautiful, unforgettable story come true!!

I am so grateful to be a small part of this wonderful story!

Farewell, Sea! Farewell, Rovinj!

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