Calligraphy live on Cest is d’Best Zagreb, August, A.D.2021.

I had no idea that I would at this festival, so – it was an immense honor and pleasure that Yours truly had the opportunity with illuminate the green center of the beautiful Zagreb city with my smile and my calligraphy to –
and in the very magical, beautiful Zrinjevac Park!

It happened on the occasion of the 25th jubilee, already famous, that is, the most famous street festival in Croatia (and perhaps Europe) – what else but the famous C’ESt IS D’BEST Zagreb!

I also came as a preformer – to show live medieval calligraphy – and I really enjoyed it :-)!

You know, I really like anniversaries – even semi-anniversaries, in this case.

I almost didn’t show up, and I’m SO glad I did after all.


I met wonderful people, wonderful preformers, spent two wonderful days in the beautiful city nature and I am so happy and grateful that I am now writing and testifying about it !!

Thank you all for this wonderful experience!

I hope to see You next year as well!

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