Family coat of arms from A to Z

It all starts with a sketch and an agreement - my client wanted to give his 17th century family coat of arms, a new fresh look. He was given 5 different sketches, with elements depending on the period. to choose from.
Originally, the family coat of arms was given in the early 17th century, the period of the Baroque in the world, while in Hungary, the Renaissance still lasts. The shape of the French shield was chosen, a universal shape, that covers all periods, and transferred to my favorite background - aged paper.
I use acrylic paints - I like their dense texture and rich shades
The main part is finished - now follow the details 🙂
Tadaaaa - this is my favorite phase - before edging!
Next is the painting of the edges with this huge brush 😉
And done! Thank You for watching ;-)!