Juraj’s knight’s shield

I haven’t had a chance to paint a shield in a long time, which I just LOVE doing!

My next task is to paint this beauty for my sworn Guardian brother, Juraj (George)!

Follow how we progress :-)!

A beautiful almost smooth surface, perfectly prepared for painting.
We start with the sketch first.
First red fields
Red fields with strapes
How beautiful it shines with a metallic shine!!
And now comes the hard part - edging ..... The first edge is done, I go to breathe a little, then on to the rest ;-)!
Behold the finished shield!!!! - almost finished that is. Heraldry is done, now some calligraphy around it :-). Heraldic design by: Tea Šarić
Knight's shield in full glory! Beautiful in the picture, even more beautiful live!!!! This blend of calligraphy and heraldry is amazing, don't You think? Script: Italian rotunda (15th-16th century)