Kalidariart on Perunfest, September 2021.

As you already know, my story with calligraphy started in the reenactment group, of the Order of the Guardians of  Zagreb. The crown of our work efforts is to edutainment – live demonstration of the skills learned at the events of the revived history.


… and where the Guardians also found their perfect place. We are already so skilled that we can adapt and fit into almost any type of event :-)!


But this time I am sharing with You something little different. Namely, of all these knightly events and happenings, my personal favorite event EVER is Perunfest. Perunfest is a festival of forgotten stories and legends, creatures from the imagination and all kinds of miracles…

My dear sister of trust, in the company of Zdenko's assistant, while she's watching our show
Zdenko Bašić with his lovely assistant who obviously came from the phantasy world!

The main chief is the virtuous, talented and simply ingenious Croatian (and world) artist Zdenko Bašić. His right hand is equally astonishingly talented, Tajana Štasni, who makes all the costumes for all those amazing creatures You meet at Perunfest!!

Chief witch in her witch hut, happy after a fine meal, luckily for me!

Of course, none of this would be possible without a small army of highly motivated, paid with Love, totally devoted animators and performers, who made all this wonderful event alive and unforgettable. I bow to You and thank You everyone, from the bottom of my heart!!!

And that it is unforgettable, I already know from the former years. Until now, Perunfest was held in Lukavac, but as the curia was damaged in the recent earthquakes, and also due to the situation with the covid, last year it was not even held. This year, everything was moved to Donja Lomnica, to the Modrić-Bedeković mansion.

It is, my dear ones, a place of such wonder that You will not experience anywhere else. Everything looks like in some Hollywood fantasy/horror movie. It is so wonderfully and magically decorated, with great attention to the smallest details.

You have never seen such realistic witches – they look and laugh so authentic, as if they will really eat some kid … After Perunfest I feel really special, as if I was in another world – such things greatly feed my soul, heart and spirit.

So, for me, this is the first time I showed up with my calligraphy craft.

I presented my works to the visitors, told them a little story about the world of calligraphy…

.. and I also, as is my custom, wrote their name on the unique memorable calligraphy souvenir I made only for this event.
For this one, I chose one of my favorites – Fraktur script, which dates from the 15th and 16th centuries.

If You want Your own, and did not know or did not see, let me know !!! 

I didn’t write them much, though, because the stands were a bit separated from the whole story, (of course we forgive everything for this first time ;-). But I met so many wonderful people and colleagues, and since it wasn’t crowded, I managed to see this whole story a bit myself – I now enthusiastically share with You what I recorded through the eye of my mobile phone. For better pictures and a little more details about the whole event, I invite you to visit the official website , and from me at least this :-).

p.s. thank You Lucija, for the cover photo

The whole spectacle ended … how else than spectacular, with a huge, biggest bonfire!!! Although it rained at the end, we barely noticed it, when a procession of magical creatures, with song and drumming, gathered around the huge Bonfire (which they had been building all Saturday).
Perun’s bonfire, to the total delight, was set on fire by a real Dragon !!!!

He blew so hard that he spent all his fire, and then, exhausted, curled up next to it, to refill himself anew ...

What else can I say, but that I am infinitely grateful and full of Happiness and amazing memories!
And I can’t wait for the next Perunfest !!! 

Thanks for Your attention and see You next year!

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