Privacy Policy

Last updated: June 10, 2020

Any Customer who has any questions regarding personal data can send an e-mail to

What kind of personal data is collected and processed by KALIDARIART via Facebook, Instagram, Etsy page “Kalidariart” and the website “Kalidariart”, and via contact e-mail address?

When ordering, KALIDARIART will ask the Customer to provide certain information about himself (personal data) such as

*name and surname,
*phone number

Providing personal information is the decision of the Buyer. If the Buyer does not provide the required mandatory information, it will not be possible to deliver the ordered products.

For what purpose does KALIDARIART collect and process personal data?

KALIDARIART collects and processes the Customer’s personal data for the purpose of ordering goods or services, delivery of goods to the Customer, and communication with the Customer, without using this data for any other purposes.

With whom does KALIDARIART share personal information?

Your personal data is stored on the Seller’s premises. The collected data is accessed by the owner of the craft and employees who perform invoicing and shipment of orders. All other persons are not allowed access to your personal data. KALIDARIART will not share the personal data of the Customer with other parties except in the cases listed in the next point and in a situation when the regulations require it.

KALIDARIART, owner Darja Mesarić, will, when requested by the Buyer for the purchase of products or services, share the personal data of the Buyer with:

– Distribution service providers for the purpose of delivering packages. The distribution service provider may request the Customer to inspect his identity card at the time of delivery of the package during the personal collection of goods, all for the purpose of realization of the package delivery service and records of who took over the package.

If the Buyer refuses to provide this information, the package will not be delivered to him, unless otherwise agreed in advance.

Processing of personal data in the process of payment by cards and transaction account

KALIDARIART does not, at any time collect or process data that the Customer’s bank forwards to the trade bank of KALIDARIART, vl. Darja Mesarić, such as the card number, or the account number of the Customer.

The period in which personal data will be stored

The deadline for keeping business documents with your personal data is 5 years. Upon expiration of this period, your personal data will be destroyed.

Access to and correction of personal data

The buyer can request and receive from KALIDARIART, owner Darja Mesarić, complete information about personal data stored, as well as their correction by sending an e-mail to the e-mail address

Deletion of personal data (right to forget)

The customer has the right to request the deletion of personal data at any time (right to forget). The customer can make a request to the e-mail address and the data will be deleted without delay. The exception is data on the customer whose order is still in the process of production / delivery / payment when this cannot be done for obvious reasons, but it will be done immediately after the delivery and payment of the ordered goods.

The right to object

If, despite all the measures taken for the protection of personal data, you believe that you have grounds for objection, please contact the e-mail address of the personal data protection officer or on the telephone number +385 95 911 4098.

Modification of the Privacy Statement

This Privacy Statement, KALIDARIART, owner Darja Mesarić. may be amended at any time by publishing the amended text of the Privacy Statement on the Internet pages