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Cijena/Price [HRK]: 301.38 kn
(1€=7.53450 kn)

I see this as an ideal, original and memorable gift for, let’s say, first-year medical students (when finishing their studies, I see the Hippocratic Oath as the perfect gift for them 🧑‍🎓). Or any other college. Or school. Or age. Maybe even for professors 😅?
It is also a great gift of courage and protection for the final year exams, at least if it is as tense as in my home 😊.

A great gift for lovers of antiquity. And magic?

Before You is a word You have probably heard many times – if nowhere else, in fairy tales – it actually dates back to the time before our era. This powerful word was thought to guard against evil spirits and misfortune. It was believed that when inscribed in a triangle like this, it has special, healing powers.

I see that in the Roman legion of the Order of the Guardians of the City of Zagreb, for whose needs it was ordered; no one has been injured, since they have it 😎.
Whether it works or not – see for Yourself 🤗.

Personalize this exclusive antique-inspired kalidar further to Your liking – choose Your ink color, maybe some other Roman script?

Please let us first agree on the time required for production, which mostly depends on the availability of this special leather.



18*10cm, custom


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