Calligraphy bookmark – Follow Your Dreams

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Surprise Yourself or someone dear to You with this handmade calligraphy bookmark. This one says ”’Follow Your Dreams, wherever they may blow” 🙂

Comes in a box, ready to be given :-)!




Written with calligraphy pen, in black and golden ink. Plasticized and decorated with a pendant.

Prepare Your gift for the giving – choose from the offered options 🤩.

Dimensions 17 × 3 cm

3*17cm, custom

Historical script/s

Carolingian minuscule (8-12th century), Copperplate (17th-20th century), Early gothic script (11th cntury), Fraktur (16-17th century), Insular Majuscule (9th-12th century), Italic (16th-17th century), Lombardic capitals (11-16th century), Roman rustic (1st-5th century), Textura quadrata (12th-16th century), Uncial script (2nd-9th century)


aged paper, hand-aged paper, hard paper in color


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