Ode to Love in the English way


1356.21 kn
1€=7.53450 kn

One of the most famous and the most popular texts about Love ever written ~ this time in Old English. All the details are carefully selected and studied in agreement with the Newlyweds. There are really a lot of Symbols (You can see more about it in the blog🧐), so it would be a shame not to know what they mean – that’s why I added another paper with explanations.

I happily conclude that everyone was extremely satisfied, and this Pearl that adorned Their Wedding, will continue to decorate their Home with Joy and Love as well 🙌🤗🥰.

This miniature monumental project is so rich in details – every element has its own meaning, from colors to the smallest flower. So many details need to be carefully agreed on and studied, which requires additional time and sketches – so the price is this high. This is an example of a highly personalized order in A4 format.

You too can ask for Your details, symbols, letters… view the Scripts in the Gallery of Scripts.

Note: please plan to order something as demanding as this on time – know that I must charge extra for last-minute work 😎!


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