Dear Angel prayer

150.00 kn205.00 kn

Beautiful prayer to guardian Angel. Great gift for baby welcome, baptism, chrism or birthday.


Child protection prayer, surrounded with the clover leaves, symbolising Holy Trinity, Protection, Good Luck and happy marriage.

Order in a handmade envelope or suitable frame, with or without gift box, ready to be given.

Add personalized note of Your wish on the back.

Dimensions 18 × 13 cm
Historical script/s

Carolingian minuscule (8-12th century), Early gothic script (11th cntury), Fraktur (16-17th century), Italic (16th-17th century), Textura quadrata (12th-16th century), Uncial script (2nd-9th century)


13*18cm, 15*10cm


aged paper, hand-aged paper

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