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Gift for Eternity – Initials on real Parchment


Make a wish, order and bring a piece of Eternity to Your home (or someone dear to You). I say Eternity, because the what is written on the parchment lasts for several thousand years!
This cute little Kalidaris are small replicas of a medieval leather stretching frame, on which the finished parchment was gradually produced.
I fell in love with the smell and texture of this material, and the idea for this product came to me by itself.
Order Your initial or two, or maybe some custom word? ~ whatever You choose, You will surely choose an original and interesting gift.

I am here for You  ?

In the Middle Ages, animal skin was stretched over frames similar to these. Then it was scraped and treated to obtain fine thin, almost transparent sheets. After being removed from the frame, it was cut into sheets suitable for binding. Read more about it on my blog.

This is a small replica, with a personalized details of Your choice.
Select the desired ink color.
The letters You see are Gothic Textura Quadrata letters (12th-16th century), and if You want  different ones, take a look in the Gallery of Scripts.







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