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Family Coat of arms – simpler


1506,90 kn
1€=7.53450 kn

Family coats of arms come in a variety of shapes and forms – just as in this example. Usually, on the coat of arms you see a shield that is sometimes surrounded by a cloak. Here it is requested that the shield be surrounded by flowers – Edelweiss (which symbolizes deep Love, Purity and Loyalty) and Cornflower (symbolizing Tenderness, Fidelity and Reliability).
Above the coat of arms, according to the heraldic rule for our part of the world, is written the Family name, and below their motto.
On the back is a dedication, written in another new language to me – Russian – and the accompanying Cyrillic letters, followed by an interpretation in French.
A truly special, calligraphy-heraldy personalized gift, for a special birthday, to a special Husband ?!

Think about the details You want on Your design – or I can help You with that.

Take a look at the letters in the Gallery of Scripts, and choose the ones You like, to write the text and dedication –
You can ask for any other letters, and in any language.

Note: In this example, all design elements are already set. The price can vary if there are more details than in the example – let’s agree ?!

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