Home blessing with flowers

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Every home needs a protection. Bless Your own home, or of those dear to You, with a gift like this. This is the text of the most famous Croatian blessing, surrounded with symbolic flowers. Ideal gift for Christmas, Easter, family anniversaries, or as a housewarming gift. It is available in all languages.


This sign is decorated with many flowers, chosen for their symbolic meaning, such is Lily -protection of the Family, harmony, Cosmos – supreme wisdom, Campanula – gratitude, Lily of the Valley – supreme happiness and Myrtle – family protection. Do You want to add some more or less? Add Your personal note on the back.

Prepare this gift for the giving – choose from the offered options.

Dimensions 29 × 21 cm

21*29cm, custom

Historical script/s

Carolingian minuscule (8-12th century), Early gothic script (11th cntury), Fraktur (16-17th century), Insular Majuscule (9th-12th century), Italic (16th-17th century), Textura quadrata (12th-16th century), Uncial script (2nd-9th century)

Postal service

Croatia – free, Everywhere else – additional, by the price of the postal service


aged paper, hand-aged paper

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