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Initial letter ”S” sign

16.00 25.00 

This product is an amazing gift for You or Your Special ones – be They a friend, kid, parent, a partner – a business OR an intimate one. Or even – YourSelf??.
For Christmas, Valentine’s Day, birthday, or ”I love You and want to show my affection” Day?.
Surprise Them with the gift of the initial letter of Their name, with personalized details- let us agree?.

This medieval ”S” is the Lombardic Capital in the 15th century style.


Comes in a 10*10 cm dimension, but of course, You can choose any other. Choose Your letter. Choose Your colors. Add a personal note. Can be ordered without the frame.

Note: the price may vary if there are more personalized details than on the example, which includes additional design and production time.

Dimensions 10 × 10 cm

10*10cm, custom

Historical script/s

Copperplate (17th-20th century), Fraktur (16-17th century), Lombardic capitals (11-16th century), Roman capital letters (1st century-), Textura quadrata (12th-16th century), Uncial script (2nd-9th century)


hand-aged paper, hard paper in color

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