Motivational quote – This too shall pass 50*25 cm

300.00 kn

A sign this large will not go unnoticed, wherever You display it 🙂
Which will ultimately, expose You to the view of these beautiful words, which create a feeling of Peace and Tranquility …

Because, everything, be it Good or Bad – will pass eventually, so let us be like a river that flows through Life, adapting to all Life situations ..

Created carefully and with Love, painted with acrylic paints in green-silver shades, richly decorated with golden ink. The letters are written in the historical Insular Majuscule script, used from the 6th to the 11th century.

The price refers to the dimensions of 50 * 25 cm. It is possible to request any other, but keep in mind that this can further increase the price, as well as additional details that are not in this design.

For no charge, choose another color or another letter – see more in the Letter Gallery  🙂

Your gift comes ready to be given, packed in a decorative box :-).


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