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New Family coat of arms


(1€=7.53450 kn)

As I have noticed by now, everyone loves coats of arms. It is a very special form of art that is very personal and unique and therefore, everyone likes to see it in their home.

It’s easy if you already have an existing Family coat of arms – then “just” order it in my (often) improved version 🤓. If you are not among those lucky ones (there are over 4,000 noble families in Croatia alone), then ~ also contact me, so we can make you a coat of arms. In that case, the price is somewhat higher, as well as the production time, but be sure that You will receive a coat of arms that describes Your family, made according to valid heraldic rules, and as such can be registered in the official armories, and You can proudly display and wear it.
This is an example of the coat of arms that I, with my respected mentor Hrvoje pl. Knezović, made for the Vinski family from Netretić (Croatia).
All the elements of the coat of arms – are obtained by carefully assembling all the elements, which You will see for Yourself when You order such kalidar for You ~ a true family and heirloom art that will be treasured and cherished for generations!

This family coat of arms was made at the request and in agreement with the Mr. Vinski, for the Vinski Family.
It was designed by my mentor, Hrvoje pl. Knezović, while I take credit for the participation, painting and calligraphy.

The price refers to the design and the painting of the coat of arms, on hard 300gr hand-aged paper. It is painted with acrylic paints and decorated with gold ink.

If You would like this same design in a more medieval edition, on parchment and with gold leaves, then the price and time are significantly higher.

It is best to first agree on everything in detail – 😉.


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