Old World Art gift for the Couple


1808,28 kn
1€=7.53450 kn

A beautiful, special and truly unique gift for a couple. Their initials are written in antique ink, in Fraktur script (15-16th century), and the date in Caroline minuscule script (8-12th century). In the middle is the Bythol, the Welsh symbol of eternal Love. On both sides is the Heart (symbol of universal Love) in the Triquetra (Symbol of Trinity, Unity, Eternity, Life).
Everything is woven with Ivy, a symbol of eternal Love and Fidelity.
I usually write these informetion on the back of the inscription, but since the parchment is transparent, I wrote it on additional piece of parchment. To complete the story of this special kalidar, I decorated the box in which I packed it with an ivy branch and a calligraphy sticker of my own design, decorated with gold leaves.

This beautiful project could also looks beautiful on paper – but here You see it in the medieval edition – I used real leather – that is – parchment, pigments, gesso and gold leaves.
Since all these materials are expensive and at the same time more complicated to use, it takes longer to produce something like this, which is why the price of this product is higher than the usual, modern materials.




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