Tear for Zagorje Hills


339.05 kn
(1€=7,53450 kn)

When making calligraphy work, I completely immerse myself into it and the Joy of what I create. This can often cause tears, especially when I write an old, well-known song like this.

One of the most famous and favorite of all Zagorje songs (part of Croatia), it was made as a gift from a sister to Her beloved brother for His 50th birthday. A wonderful gift, which they are both thrilled with!

Do You know anyone who would like to have something like this on the wall?

Available on back-order

This somewhat longer song is written on handaged A3 paper, which is the ideal size for that text in my opinion. It can be done in another size, depending on the wishes.

Also, two roses were requested for the motif – You can ask for another design. I must say that the amount of detail can affect the final price – it’s best to agree on everything first.

Add a personal message on the back of Your wish.


hand-aged paper, hard paper in color


40*30cm, custom


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