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Initial letter ”Z” art gift bag for Him


263.71 kn
(1€=7.53450 kn)

These special personalized gifts of Love can be a wonderful gift for Him (or Her) – this one was specially designed for Him, with all the elements dear to Him – His special Lagotto Romagnolo dogo Tara, a fishing rod, and a plant chosen for its symbolism – Croatian Fritillaria (a sort of Snowdrop), which is said that it inspired Croatian national cheky symbol.
Also, it has His first letter Z, in the style of Lombardic Capital letters.


With the given elements (favorite flowers, symbols, date of birth, preferences, hobbies…), I will do my best to create the design that You will be completely satisfied with 🙂

Personalize the design even more by adding a personal message on the back of the bag 😎!

It is perfect as a personalized birthday art gift, Father’s Day gift or any other special occasion gift for Your favorite Person.

It is hand painted with acrylic paints, and hand washable on 30 C.

You can ask for Your design if You wish.



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