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Your dream Coat of arms


1883.63 kn
(1€=7,53450 kn)

In order for new coats of arms to be recorded in the official coat of arms Armorials, they must be correct, that is, designed according to the valid heraldic rules.
However, this fact may not be important to everyone, and individuals want to come up with their own coat of arms that they like, regardless of whether it is “correct” and according to the rule. As an artist, it doesn’t matter to me what you choose ~ I will paint the coat of arms in my own way and add a bit of medieval charm to it.

This is an example of such an order where the valued Client gave me sketches and His wishes. I presented Him with my sketches, based on which this coat of arms was drawn up.

This beautiful coat of arms has some details that would make it not “officially” registered. However, the Client remained by His wishes ~ it turned out beautifully if You ask me, ~ if You’re not a herald Yourself, You could not say it isn’t perfectly by the rules!

Dear visitors, please note that the price may vary if there are more details than in the example.
This price refers to the case when You already have a designed coat of arms, which You would like me to paint for You.
The price does not include checking the correctness of Your family coat of arms, but only its painting.

If you want to check its heraldic correctness and consultation about it, let us agree about that🤝.

Dimensions 29 × 21 cm


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