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of one-of-a-kind heirloom
Calligraphy and Heraldry artgifts


Dear Visitors, for some time it will not be possible to buy my products through Kalidariart webshop.

During this time, contact me at: kalidariart@gmail.com so that I can form You an invoice.

~ the products in the Galleries are made by personal wishes ~ You can get an idea of the approximate price of my works ~


Themed gifts

Search the products galleries, by the occasion You need a perfect gift for.

Products by type

Choose something from the galleries of finished products – search by the product type.

Custom designs

Let’s create a unique calligraphy design for Your brand, such are logo, labels, business cards or even special gifts for Your business partners.

I also offer medieval design, such are coats of arms, painted canvases or knight weapons.

Additional products

Prices in the store are expressed for the general design and manufacture of the product itself. For details like frames, envelopes, types of letters, see the gallery below. If there is nothing You like, let me know so we can agree.

Standard information

As a gift to You: on each Kalidar is written with the info on the back: what kind of letters or combination it is, the period of their use; the name and meaning of the flowers or symbols, with which the story on the front is told.

If desired, add a personal dedication, free of charge.

Select the desired script/s, paper, design elements.

An additional gift for customers from Croatia is free postage within Croatia :-)!

Price, Details, Digital versions

Prices in the shop are listed for making and designing products in galleries. Therefore, they are approximate, to get an idea of ​​how much your desired personalized design could cost.

Details such as the frame, box, dedication or delivery are not included in the price, but select them in the ‘Additional Products‘ section of the Shop.

If you want, products from the galleries can be ordered in digital version – let us agree ;-).

Crafting details


The final price may differ from the one listed in the gallery, depending on additional design elements, as all products are just examples of personalized, hitherto made products.

Therefore, let us agree on all the necessary details – design, packaging, time, in order to fulfill your wishes to the mutual satisfaction.

POSTAL SERVICE for Croatia is free as a gift to you. I charge extra for sending abroad, according to the price of the postal service.