Stand with the Earth!

The human race has, for quite a long time now, been aware that its behavior is destroying this beautiful, perfect home called planet Earth, which has been entrusted to our care and responsible management.

Unfortunately, only individuals are taking more serious steps to stop Her relentless devastation.
Fortunately, times are changing – more and more people are becoming aware and are getting actively involved, in saving this jewel of the Universe to which we gratefully belong to.

Be a part of this noble Life saving action!

For start, make at least the first step, which doesn’t have to be big or loud – with a lot of small steps, in time we will create a miracle !!

Every decision, no matter how small or big, is even stronger when it comes from a heart – place of

Love and Joy!

May such, Joyful, Aware and full of Love, be Your first step –
by that I mean the following:

Recently in Croatia, a decision to ban plastic bags finally came into force.
It was really final time, if You ask me.

Therefore, it is just the ideal time to get involved in the eco-awareness campaign – by getting Yourself a unique, calligraphy, personalized, hand-painted linen bag designed just for You!

Hand-painted bags, besides being practical, are above all – special and guarantee that You will be noticed with them.

As they are already attracting attention, let them show Your personal message :-),
like these bags, painted with carefully selected personalized details.

Choose from my offer of already-made bags, or ask for Your own design –

see examples in this blog and in my store.

Surprise Yourself or Your special female (or male) person with a gift like this.


You read that right – they can also be a gift for a man, dad, friend, grandfather, neighbor … I don’t know why bags would only be worn by women, when they can also be worn by men. Choose at will, a bag with long or short handles.

While getting rid of garbage, we might as well get rid of some prejudices that no longer serve us!

Additionaly, choose the style of letters, colors and custom messages on the back of the bag, like on this special bag, made as a gift for a very special friend.

I call this an eco-product because it is made of a natural material – linen.

The paints I use so far are not really eco, but acrylic – don’t worry, I use very little of that paint. I promise to use some natural colors as soon as I discover them, to make the whole product completely Earth friendly – feel free to let me know if You have any useful knowledge about it!

Maintenance is easy –
wash by hand at 30ₒC, with detergent of your choice –

I leave that to You 🙂