medieval scribe

St. Martin’s Days in Virje, November A.D. 2019

My first official showup, since I opened my business. This was the occasion of the St. Martin days in Podravina, Virje, place where I spent the most of my childhood days in. So, it was a great blessing for me to start right here, surrounded with many friends and family members.

Zmajurjevo, April, A.D. 2018

Zmajurjevo, the Celebration of the St. George’s Day, organized by the Guardians of the Zagreb. Magnificent manifestation, in the park of Ribnjak, in the very heart of Zagreb City! Unforgettable experience!

Phantasy CON, June A.D. 2016.

The first Phantasy CON held in Zagreb, held in 2016! It was an amazing experience to be a part of it, hopefully it will happen again!  Photo by: Matej Čelar