This too shall pass collection

The year 2020 was, as we all know, an extremely demanding and fierce one.

Personally, it has given me a lot of challenges and opportunities to grow. I faced many of difficulties, like a severe foot infection that lasted 7 months, starting my own business in the middle of Armageddon – not to mention THE pandemic that began 2 months after. As if all this wasn’t enough, Croatia  experienced a series of disturbing earthquakes, that I never felt before.

No wonder many people were overwhelmed by panic, fear, anxiety – it became even more obvious of how connected we all really are, as we saw the strength of these ‘global’, omnipresent emotions and states.

In my opinion, it is necessary to have some tools, to help oneself to feel calm, safe and well – be it meditation, prayer, tapping and the like – even pills if they help someone – whatever works best for You.


One of the things that works great on my nervous system, are words – words can calm me down, encourage me, and give me strength – that is why I am surrounded by beautiful inspirative quotes, crafted in a calligraphic way.

This year, these were the words that have helped me most, as well as to  many others – ,, This too shall pass .. ”

I first wrote those words in a magical, Persian script You see on the picture above - I say magical, because these shapes remind me of some Elven script :-).

I made several pieces at once, because I (correctly) assumed that this little wonder would be a hit!

And – I wasn’t wrong – it was my best-selling product last year :-)!

The words "This too shall pass" kept ringing in my head like a mantra. When I aged one paper of unusual dimensions 25 * 10cm, it inspired me to make an inscription in English. The Insular Majuscule script I used inspired me to start with the initial letter T, in the style of Celtic ornament, and - another successful idea was created :-).

I placed these words right on the wall in front of my workdesk..and rested my eyes on them, every time the earthquake shook the floor under me, while slowly breathing.. 

While at it, I also made some bookmarks 😉

The third version of these words came to me in the Japanese language. In Japan, there is a saying “Mono no aware”, which has a meaning very similar to “This too shall pass”. So far, I have made it as a bookmark, written in Latin letters on one side, and in beautiful Japanese (also first encounter), on the other.

Thank You for reading my first blog this year, dedicated to the wonderful, wise words, “This too shall pass.”

I hope You like my collection, and a small exhibition of various versions  of these words.If I come across another one, I will add it in this blog ;-).

Until then – if You find a saying of a similar meaning, in any language feel free to share it with me ;-)!