Welcome, Princess!

This cute piece of art may seem simple, but in fact there was a lot of thinking and deliberation, to fit all the default elements – text, symbols and colors, and add some ideas of my own :-).

In the end we all - my clients and I - were so thrilled with the result, that I decided to write a little blog about this 🙂

Let’s start from the beginning – that means, from the sketch. 

As I like to say, a sketch is half the job, because it is the foundation for everything that follows later.  Clients were offered two options, from which they chose, and on which we fully elaborated all the elements to the detail.

I was given a text, designed to welcome a newborn Princess, Sophia Jolantha. Sophia means wisdom and is most often symbolized by an owl, while Jolantha means Violet, (my favorite flower :-)). Apart from Violet, which symbolizes Loyalty, Devotion and Modesty, I also inserted the violet Campanula, which symbolizes Gratitude.

The signature is supposed to be: With Love, Grandpa Dimidund and Grandma Jola (also Jolantha :-)). I decided to portray GrandMa and GranPa as real little characters, playing with their grandaughter, as I believe, they will do, as much as they can :-). 


I’m glad to say that they really liked the idea, and they also liked the final result :-).

The text is written in the agreed script, in multicolored inks, for a happy occasion. Everything is painted with acrylic paints and decorated with gold.
All explanations are written on the back, as usual ;-).
My client also requested that this work be appropriately framed, which I did, thus rounding off the overall impression.

I hope that Jolantha, when She grows up, will enjoy this picture, which Her beloved Guardians, with a lot of Love, had made for Her :-).

If You have a desire or idea for something similar, let me know, with confidence ;-).

Thank You for reading 🙂

With Love,