Personalized Calligraphy holiday card with name small

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A personalized calligraphic greeting card is, like most personalized gifts are – a complete and absolute HIT GIFT!
to whomever it is given to – everyone loves to see their name especially beautifully written and decorated, just for them!
Give this kind of gift to Your loved ones, whether They are, as in this example, three sisters, three friends, three business partners …. or of course, more than three 😎.

It is an ideal addition to the main gift, or as the main gift for itself, especially if They are far away from You – in any case You can’t go wrong!

The name in front and the text inside are written by calligraphy pen and ink/s in some historical script (it can be Copperplate as in this example, or ask for another – choose from the Gallery of Scripts), in colored ink/s, decorated with silver and golden ink. It comes with a matching handmade envelope of hard paper. Choose colors or leave it to me.



These are examples of personalized calligraphy holiday greeting cards of smaller dimensions (15*10cm).

Choose the color/s of paper and envelope You would like, or leave it to me – and You come up with the details: what text, what name, the quantity?

NOTE: The price refers to a quantity of 2 or more pieces.

The price of one such greeting card with an envelope is 130kn.

Dimensions 15 × 10 cm

15*10cm, custom


Any handmade envelope from the Gallery


1 piece, 2 or more


hand-aged paper, hard paper in color


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