Luxury gift box with handpainted details

15.00 18.00 

Complete the story of Your unique kalidar with a decorative box with handmade details like this, and make it even more special.
In it, beautifully wrapped and undamaged, it will arrive in any part of the World, ready to be given immediately 🥰.


Dimensions of the box in the picture: 20*30*8cm, the price refers to the dimensions of product inside between A5 and A3.

The box is usually brown, but I hand-painted it in green, as desired – because we do not have a choice of colored boxes.
But that’s why I came up with a solution – You ask for whatever color You want, and I’ll deliver the box in the desired color.
Inside is the decorative edge of patterned adhesive tape. Hand-painted details have been added on the top.

In addition to the box, I write the name and address in calligraphy.



Dimensions N/A
Color variant

One color




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