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Grant of Arms


2260.35 kn
(1€=7,53450 kn)

What you are looking at right now is the Grant of Coat of Arms, created in collaboration with my heraldry mentor, Hrvoje Kenzović.

Grant of arms is a ruler’s letter patent by which the ruler grants someone the Coat of arms, where they are described in detail and often painted.

This beautiful Grant of Family coats of arms was designed by my Heraldry mentor Hrvoje pl. Knezović, in agreement with the Client. Part of this beautiful design are written information about the authors and Client in Calligraphy. The text is repeated three times –  in three Croatian scripts – Latin, Glagolitic and Croatian Cyrillic Script (Bosancica) by Yours Truly.

If You have a wish to add such item in Your Family heirloom treasure, contact us with confidence.

This Grant is printed in high quality archival ink, on a hand aged 300gr paper in A3 size format. I humbly take credit for the participation with my Calligraphy, written with calligraphy pen and ink in three Scripts.

Of course, it can be in some other combination of Scripts and of other content, especially if You’re not from Croatia – let us agree 🤝.

There is not much room for personalization here, but if You have any special wishes, don’t hesitate to ask 😎.




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