Calligraphy on parchment as an engagement gift


2185,00 kn
(1€=7.53450 kn)

A beautiful, special and truly unique gift for ~ in this case ~ the beloved Fiancee.
It’s about a Song written by Him ~ for Her, and it’s about Happy People, the way they would like to be, always, and I wish them the same with all my heart🥰🤗🙌.
The symbolism of the Couple is expressed by the flowers of the French Lily and the English Rose. Decorated with Ivy and Clover, symbols of lasting and eternal Love, Happiness and Divine Protection, painted with intense and beautiful medieval pigments 😍.
Although I normally use historical scripts, this text is (by wish) written in the fictional Tolkien script.
Let this beautiful piece inspire You ~ request the letter (and details) You want!

This beautiful personalized inscription in the Old World Art style is made on the real sheepskin or ~ parchment. Along with fine parchment,
there are other medieval materials, such as pigments, gesso and gold leaf.
Since all these materials are expensive and at the same time more complicated to use, it takes longer to make something like this, therefore the price of this product is higher than usual.

This is the approximate price for this kind of work.
If your wish has more (or less) details than in the example, the price may vary ~ let us agree 🤝.




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