Kalidariart for Sisak and Petrinja

The year 2020, didn’t pass away with peace – for its very end, it treated us with several more earthquakes in Croatia.

This time, the Sisak-Moslavina County was damaged, mostly Petrinja, Sisak, Glina and the nearby places. The damage is huge, mostly material, with several human casualties.
It is difficult for the people, they are still recovering … the whole of Croatia, and I must also praise the neighboring countries, has risen in unity, to help the victims.

I myself wanted to help somehow, and I was finally given the opportunity to do it.

It is by the  ConTribution,  project, a humanitarian action which takes place online, with the aim of raising funds for the hurricane-prone areas – and among other things
– the proud Sisak fortress :-)!

foto: https://punkufer.dnevnik.hr/clanak/stari-grad-sisak-kroz-poznatu-sisacku-utvrdu-od-sada-vas-vodi-interaktivni-projekcijski-vodic---548065.html

When the president of the ”Sons of Monarchy” told me that documentaries are being made, on various topics, to collect donations to help earthquake-prone areas, I asked him to include me in the project – namely, the Sisak Fortress is especially important and dear to me – here, for the first time in my calligraphic career, I performed alone, without my Guardians – instead of them, my back was guarded by this magnificent fortress !!!

Now She needs our help !!

I put myself completely in this project – with my whole body, heart and soul!
So, I want to tell the whole story on this blog here, so that you are informed of the  reason of my absence 🙂

You know, I’ve never made a real video in my life, especially not this long.
The shooting was excellently done by a young promising photography student Dora Čaldarović, whom I met on one shooting, the weekend before.
So, I thought Dora would come, film me, I’ll edit it a bit in cca 3 hours, and after that, go to a friend’s birthday party :-)!

Yeah, right! How Yes No :-)! Only for that first day, I spent about 13 hours in front of my computer! I've made friends with the Win Movie Maker app! And then, we hung out together... for days ;-)!!
I tried to make my lecture as interesting as possible - I put on my medieval equipment, to take You into history, not only with the story but also in other ways 🙂
I take You through the history of writing utensiles - as you can see, we are a ''little'' more modern now, but - the concept is the same 😉
I show You some medieval calligrapher's accessories 😉
And at the end, I write for You :-)!

The job of editing the recorded material is not as difficult, as it is time consuming and …
really time consuming and requires great focus ;-).

When the image and sound are added to the video, it is adjusted so that it all fits together and fits well, you get a few days less life :-)!
I believe it’s easier to all this nice and slowly, but I had about 3 days to sort it all out, and hand it over.
It is my pleasure to say, that in the end everything worked out, except that for some reason, the sound does not work well on some devices.

When I make my Youtube channel, I will put a better version up ;-)!

Until then ….


Thank You for attention. Thanks for reading about my torments :-)!

I invite You to watch my video, first of hopefully, many more to come :-).

If my story and the idea of ConTribution inspired You to help, feel free to do so!!!
Donate or share with friends :-)!